<sigh> Sometimes things just take a lot longer than expected. I was hoping to have finished A3 production a long time ago, but somehow real life just keeps intervening. Anyway, I have actually finished and delivered Firdaussi, the first of the green A3s, which was a special order going to the UK. The extra details comprised a post-war LNER livery with yellow letters and numbers, and a clockwork, yes clockwork, new old stock  Bassett-Lowke motor provided by the (thankfully happy) new owner.

Clockwork Bassett Lowke mech in a new Fitzroy Loco Works body

Firdaussi, a special order built around a new old stock Bassett-Lowke clockwork mechanism

A view from the left hand side shows the tell-tale keyhole.

A real tinplate O gauge locomotive built new in 2018

A3 Firdaussi Works photograph, somewhere in Fitzroy

Here’s a close-up of the front end. I nearly went blind getting the buffer beam lettering and numbering right, but it was worth it.

It turned out to be a lot of fun to put a clockwork mech into the body and find that everything lined up as it should, and also to very gingerly try her out on my friend George’s layout to confirm everything was working correctly before packing her up and sending her on her way. In fact, it inspired me so much that when I saw another NOS B-L mech turn up on eBay I couldn’t help myself… I don’t know if clockwork is particularly practical as a means of propulsion but it certainly is rather special.

Firdaussi A3 loco by Fitzroy Loco Works

Firdaussi close-up

Another very similar loco, but with the 12V mech and full size Walsall drivers, is Papyrus, recently delivered in the UK.

Fitzroy loco Works tinplate LNER A3

Papyrus ready for delivery


Anyway, the rest of the green  locos are now in the final throes of assembly. More news as it develops.