Fitzroy Loco Works 20V AC wound field mech for O gauge Hornby Eton RHS view

This is what drives the Eton, Harrow, L1 and LMS 2P locos. It was developed for us by Alan Middleton because the motor on the Eton is so highly visible it is part of the character of the loco.
This kind of wound field motor was used by many O gauge tinplate manufacturers prior to WWII, until in the UK at least it began to be supplanted by good quality permanent magnet motors.

It’s a faithful replica of the Hornby 20V AC wound field motor that appeared in the late 20’s and early 30’s. The major difference is this is not available as an autoreverse version with split field/clapper/rotating switch, but that function can be provided with a substitute electronic board (such as the QSI QS1).

Everything else- sideframes, diecast wheels, collectors, armature, gears, brushes, brush gear, bearings etc, are faithful replicas of the original design.

What’s more, it’s all made in Melbourne.

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