The Bassett-Lowke Society

The UK Hornby Railway Collectors Association

The Australian Hornby Railway Collectors Association

The Gresley Society

The P2 Steam Locomotive Company are building a full size replica of “Cock O’ The North”, to be known as 2007 Prince of Wales

Other Interesting Sites

Pathe newsreel footage and Reuters newsreel footage of the original “Cock O’ The North” locomotive being tested in France

Tinplate Times, a great US site about vintage and modern tinplate, 3-rail, Hi Rail etc

Bassett-Lowke’s House in Northampton, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Smith Journal, an Australian Quarterly magazine about making beautiful things, including metal mithing

Milbro Model Railways, a really nice site about Milbro, one of the high-end “proper” English model train makers between the wars

The Leeds Stedman Trust, another great site about the Leeds Model Company, another of the “proper” English model train makers of that time

Lord K’s Blog at Dieselpunks about early-mid twentieth century art and design is always worth a browse