Fitzroy Loco Works replica Bassett-Lowke Permag motor 12V O gauge

12 Volt Permag Motor

This is what drives the A1 and the “Cock O’ The North”. It’s our very own faithful replica of the Bassett-Lowke Improved Permag motor that appeared in around 1934-1935. The only changes are a modern armature with a copper commutator and a Neodymium rare earth magnet. Everything else- brushes, brush gear, pole pieces, bearings and insulators etc, are faithful replicas of the original design. What’s more, with the exception of the magnet, it’s all made in Melbourne. As a result of the improved magnet it delivers similar or greater power than the original, with lower current draw, and it will never lose its magnetic field strength.

Fitzroy Loco Works 12V O gauge Permag motor brush holders in production

Motor Brush Holder subassemblies ready to build into motors

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